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Here's how our Exclusive Territorial Marketing Program works for you.

More than twenty years of marketing for accountants has shown that direct mail must have a place in your total advertising program. What's more, consistent and timely follow-up is vital to any successful direct mail program.

Professional Controllers, Inc. starts by mailing a proven, effective marketing letter to select companies in your metropolitan area. Prospects are directed to call a local phone number that forwards to our Philadelphia office. Your area will be listed on our national website ( for greater visibility and to drive additional responses.

I'll speak directly to every prospective client to learn their current situation and what they need most - in other words, I find their "Hot Buttons." Once I've qualified a prospect, I'll send them additional requested information.

Regular, timely follow-up.
Follow-up is an important key to success. Professional Controllers follows a diligent, reasonable call schedule to gauge each prospect's interest. Our goal is to get them to take a meeting with you.

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